Friday, 26 February 2010

New iPhone Virus Found Takes on Jailbroken iPhones iPhone/Privacy.A Virus Retrieves Your Data

Are you among those who brag with his jailbroken iPhone, then you could
be at risk as a new iPhone virus has been found. Everything started with
Australian coder Ikee who designed a worm for those who had not RTFM and
changed their root password. The application scans the 3G IP ranges of
Australian carriers Telus, Optus, and Vodafone and when a vulnerable
handset is found, it takes over the wallpaper and replaces it with Rick
Astley. Respect
Although meant as a warning to change your root password (default is
alpine ) rather than a destructive piece of software, it looks like an
anonymous coder has perfected the virus — which now is dubbed
iPhone/Privacy.A, to work in the background to get access to your
sensitive data. That include e-mail messages, SMS messages, calendar
appointments, contacts, photos, music files, videos and basically
anything else your iPhone apps have recorded.
There's not much info concerning where the iPhone/Privacy.A virus
uploads on your iPhone from, but security specialists have announced
that the threat of being infected is still at low levels. Still you may
want to get your root password changed if you want to stay on the safe
side of things.

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