Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Apple Tablet Rumors Emerge High-end Graphics Card to Deliver… High-End Graphics?

Say what you will against the device but I happen to be fairly
interested in Apple s tablet despite not having actually seen it in
action. Sure a tablet can t be your main computer but if you need to
have the Internet at the tips of your fingers at all times, then maybe a
gadget bigger than the iPhone, capable of offering a better browsing
performance while adding some extra features, is definitely welcomed.
Apple is very secretive with its tablet but people are talking about the
tablet more and more. Microsoft has unveiled the Courier already and we
have an idea of what it has to offer. But the tablet and its features
are still a big mystery.
Recent talks suggest that the tablet might be a very powerful device
itself. When talking about it analysts say that the tablet will
eliminate the need for numerous devices.
Laura DiDio with ITIC says that the tablet will come with a �high-end
graphics card � that will offer a �stunning resolution �. In other
words the tablet will be a lot better than the iPhone and iPod touch
when it comes to watching movies on the go or playing games.
The tablet is expected to arrive in several different models, one of
which could be a 3G-enabled device which could be offered by various
carriers around the world at subsidized prices. AT T included! On the
other hand rumors also said that Verizon will sell the tablet once it
hits the market, so we re not entirely sure what to believe.
Analysts expect the tablet to become as successful as the iPhone. And it
has the potential, at least in theory, to replace other gadgets that we
currently employ like the Kindle and all the other readers, the PMPs,
the handheld consoles and the netbooks. The tablet seems to be a perfect
portable solution for your Internet browsing, gaming, entertainment and
computing needs.
So what do you say? Are you already a tablet fan like me or you d rather
have different gadgets for your different needs? Analysts predict that
the tablet will sell two million units in the first year so chances are
that you ll see one in action near you very soon.
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