Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Maxell MXSP-D240 iPod Dock MXSP-D240 Dock Opts For Simple Design, Base Functionality, Looks Great

If you re looking for a universal iPod dock that, somewhat refreshingly
some might say, opts to offer somewhat rudimentary functionality on and
over offering all the bells and whistles associated with many other iPod
docks currently on the market, the newly announced Maxell MXSP-D240 iPod
Dock could be of interest.
Dispensing with over complication, the Maxell MXSP-D240 iPod Dock is,
admittedly, hardly going to inspire those with a passion for feature
lists as long as their arm, but, let s be honest here, some people just
want an iPod docking system that ll just play their music and, really,
there s little wrong with that.
The Maxell MXSP-D240 iPod Dock, which sports a design apparently based
on a drum (its 53mm speakers being mounted at both sides) offers 2.5W x
2.5W output, boasts (if that s the right word) a frequency response of
60HZ " 20kHz, comes supplied with a remote and, well, that pretty much
your lot.
Weighing in at 1.2kg, the Maxell MXSP-D240 iPod Dock is set to hit the
Japanese market before the end of the month when it ll retail at around
the equivalent of โ�EUR76 (circa $114 / pound sterling67 as at the time
of writing) and, whilst it may not float your boat feature-wise, its
hard not to dig the pretty cool and rather minimalist design.
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