Sunday, 21 February 2010

Maingear Shift Super-computer Gets Some ATI HD 5970 Treatment High-end Maingear Shift to Bring Graphics Prowess to the Hardcore Gamer

A few weeks ago, the cool freaks from Maingear have announced what many
call a supercomputer. Dubbed Maingear Shift, the beast delivers a good
choice of Intel Core i7 processors, works on DDR3-1600 memory (up to
24GB if you can imagine), has Asetek liquid-cooling and either six
regular hard-drives or 12 SSDs for some serious storage space.
But other than being being a really powerful monster when it comes to
processing speeds, the Maingear Shift supercomputer has just been
announced today to pack not one, but two of the new ATI HD 5970 dual GPU
video cards that have managed to cause some serious drooling a few days ago.
Equipped with two of the HD 5970 video cards, the Maingear Shift is
capable of 10 teraflops of visual computing power which is, indeed, a
lot . Speaking of a lot, since there's a pair of hardcore 5970 �Hemlock
� cards under the hood, the Shift has skyrocketed from $2,200-$2,600 and
sells for an obnoxious $6,500 — but at least you won't have to
worry playing Modern Warfare 2 or Crysis at a max.
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