Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lenovo Smartbook to Arrive on AT&T with 1GHz SnapDragon CPU Lenovo Smartbook to Be Showcased at CES 2010

Lenovo has made the official announcement that their long rumored Lenovo
Smartbook ultraportable will debut at next year's Consumer Electronics
Show in Las Vegas, will run on Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon processor (say
bye bye to Intel Atom), should pack a HD-capable display for 720p video
and built-in AT T wireless connectivity.
Leaked in a recent Qualcomm webcast, other than packing an ARM-based
processor under the hood, Lenovo's Snapdragon-based smartbook keeps
tight-lipped for now. But given the sudden interest for the
ultraportable device, we just caught wind that it's extremely thin (even
compared with today's netbooks), won't run Windows as an operating
system (still a rumor for now), delivers all-day battery life and HD
video support.
We're definitely sold on the thin factor and the fast processor, but
since there's no word regarding the official name the new Lenovo
Smartbook will sell under and no info on pricing — although we're
expecting AT T to throw in an incentive for those of you who want to
sign on a few years data contract plan, it's only open for
speculations for now.
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