Monday, 8 February 2010

Introducing… The Imperator Razer introduces new 'mid-range' gaming mouse

No, the Imperator isn't a mid-1990's SUV from an American car company.
Instead, it's the new gaming mouse from Razer. As you can see above,
it's a (typically Razer) sharp-looking design. The real attraction here
is the customizable 'sliding' side buttons that canย accommodateย any
and all gamers and their sweaty grips.
For those of you that such things appeal too, here are the tech stats of
this beast: 5600 dpi with a 3.5G laser sensor; 200 inches per second
with a 50gย accelerationย rate (is this a mouse or the Space Shuttle?)
and a 1ms response rate. Left-handers need not apply, as this is
strictly a mouse for us righties.
The mouse also features Razer's Synapse technology, which saves your
sensitivity and customizable button settings to on-board flash memory,
so you can move the mouse from computer-to-computer without having to
reprogram the mouse to your liking. Razer products have featured this
for a while, but it's still a pretty killer feature.
Right now, the Imperator is onlyย availableย through Razer's online
story, but expect this beauty to hit retail stores near you next month.
It'll retail for $79.99.
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