Sunday, 28 February 2010

Intel’s Upcoming Processors Get Leaked Intel Roadmap Reveals Desktop Core i3, i5 i7 Processors

It looks like Intel has serious desktop plans when it comes to
processors. The company has leaked a roadmap in which it details some of
the processors coming out early next year. Should we be excited?Well to
tell you the truth I ve given up using desktops a while ago. I am a
laptop man but that that doesn t mean I am not interested in the new
Intel Core processors. But as much as I like to write about those iMa
cs coming with Core i5/i7 inside, I still wouldn t buy an all-in-one
yet, or a desktop for that matter.
There are plenty of desktop users out there and when it comes to playing
games or watching movies, a desktop would probably serve a lot better
than a laptop. That s why we definitely need more Intel Core processors
in our lives.
Intel s future processors include the low-powered S versions of the Core
i5-750 and i7-860. Both processors will use only 82W of power and they
will apparently fit into even tighter spaces. Both the i5 and the i7
version will come with 8MB Level 2 cache and they will run four cores at
2.4GHz and 2.53GHz respectively topping at 3.2GHz and 3.46GHz.
The dual-core Core i5 are said to be faster as they will offer a minimum
3.46GHz clock speed and they will go all the way up to 3.73GHz. The Core
i5-650 starts at 3.2GHz and can go to 3.46GHz while the Core i5-660 will
start from 3.33GHz and reach 3.6GHz. These processors will only use 73W
of power and they will offer you 4MB of L2 cache.
The Core i3 processor doesn t have the Turbo Boost feature which means
no overclocking for you if you decide to get it. Two models will be
available, the i3-530 and the i3-540 which will clock at 2.93GHz and
3.06GHz respectively.
I bet you want to hear more about the Core i9 architecture but that s
not going to be available until spring next year. We re also interested
to see Intel s Core intentions for laptops and we ll be back with all
the juicy stuff once we have it.Read | Or scroll down for further on
topic reading.
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