Sunday, 28 February 2010

HTC Hero Getting Android 2.1 Leaked Screenshots Show Android 2.1 Running On HTC Hero

Users of the HTC Hero will soon beย happilyย getting Android 2.1. This
comes after leaked screenshots of a HTC Hero running Android 2.1 started
circulating around the internet. The HTC Hero was released earlier this
year featuring Android 1.5, and HTC promised a Android 2.0 update last
month via Twitter.
Last month, HTC made a mysterious twitter post saying simply, The
rumors are true! Hero will be gett
ing an Eclair update. We ask for your patience as we update Sense for
the fancy new Android OS.
Sense is HTC'sย propitiatoryย touchscreen GUI/feel technology. While a
phone may run Windows Mobile or Android, it'll still use the HTC Sense
look-and-feel.ย HTC has appearantly finished porting Sense to Android,
as it even can run Android 2.1 with out any problem.
Aside from the new secret screenshots (with
somebody'sย sensitiveย personal information blocked out) ย not much is
known about Android 2.0. Google promised that the Android 2.1 update
will 'fix bugs with Android 2.0′, so don't expect a slew of new
features, aside from the minor GUI updates.
The lucky phone getting the update, the HTC Hero, is a pretty
feature-packed touch-screen phone with a 5 megapixel camera and a
3.2-inch screen, among other things.Read | Or scroll down for further on
topic reading.

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