Sunday, 28 February 2010

Google’s Chrome OS Available Already Why We Do Need Chrome OS in Our Lives

Google s Chrome OS has just become official and while we won t see any
dedicated machines capable to run it accordingly for about a year that
doesn t mean we can t already use it.That s right, you heard me right,
Chrome OS is already available and it can be run on your machine right
now. Sure it might lack a lot of drivers which means you won t be able
to enjoy it to the fulles
t yet but that s something you should accept for now.
So why do we need Chrome OS in our lives you ask? We have Windows Mobile
7 which is a pretty dependable OS and then there s always Mac OS X
available to satisfy our out of the box needs. The answer is pretty
simple and it lies in the cloud. That s what we really need to increase
our productivity.
A cloud that s maintained and updated by Google, not Microsoft or
Danger, is exactly the thing missing from our professional life at
least. Imagine not having to carry around your portable hard drives.
Imagine not having to backup all your precious data every day. Imagine
not having to worry about having your laptop stolen or spilling coffee
over it. Wouldn t you be able to work a lot easier knowing that all your
data is safely stored in the cloud?
Let them steal your laptop! Don t be afraid to damage your machine! Use
those portable hard drives to store music and movies that you can play
later at home!
Sure the Chrome OS will not let you play games like Modern Warfare 2 and
you might not like knowing the fact that your data is all stored in a
cloud which could be accessed by others once they find out your user
name and password. But Chrome OS is something that professionals could
really use while on the go but also from home or your office.
So what do you say dear readers? Do you agree? Disagree? In case you
want to try Chrome OS on your machine already, a bootable Chrome OS
version is already available here. Actual instructions on how to make it
work are found at the read link. Although you should be aware that not
all machines will be able to run Chrome OS, and even if they do run it
now, some of their features might not be available to you yet. Read | Or
scroll down for further on topic reading.

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