Monday, 1 February 2010

Google 16TB Cloud Drive Available for $4,096 per Year Cheaper Storage Solutions Available Too

Google officially announced in a blog post today that it s ready to
offer �twice the storage for a quarter of the price. � In other words
if you need a piece of the cloud then Google will happily rent it to you
every year. The offer sounds especially good as most of us have various
files that we d like to be able to retrieve at any given point without
having to carry around portable storage solutions.
So Google decided to double the storage space while cutting those prices
and we re definitely not going to object to any of that. Right now your
Gmail account will offer you about 7GB of storage space while Picasa
comes with about 1GB of memory for you. Upgrading to 20GB is really easy
and it costs you just $5 per year which is a quarter of the price Google
used to charge for half the space until now.
While that offer is very accessible and pretty normal  for the
regular user, some of you may want to purchase more space. Is 16TB
enough for you? That s not a spelling error although the T is awfully
close to the G on the keyboard. Google is crazy enough to offer that
much space in the cloud as there are plenty of crazy customers to
require that much space available. 16TB the upper limit although there
are plenty of choices below that number. 16TB storage space is now
available for $4,096 per year but if you need that much space to store
stuff then you can probably afford it.
Unfortunately for all of us Google is not ready to rent us the cloud for
other services than Google or Picassa. That means you we won t be able
to store pretty much anything we want up there, or at least it won t be
that easy. I guess we will have to wait for Google Drive to arrive in
order to have more backup options from Google.
As I side note I d really want to see a Gmail account that would need
16TB of storage space. What about you? What cloud services do you
currently use?
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