Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Becomes Official in Ireland & UK Inspiron Zino HD US Release Expected Today

Europe is a few hours ahead of the US, hence why the lucky chaps on the
old continent have managed to get their eyes on Dell's long-awaited
Inspiron Zino HD that has been officially announced on the company's
website in the UK Ireland.
The new Inspiron Zino HD is a mini desktop computer from Dell that will
replace the sometimes sluggish, laptop-inspired Studio Hybrid. After
debuting in Europe and making a brief appearance on Dell US over the
weekend we're tempted to believe that a release that in the United
States is also announced for later today when people at Round Rock wake
As for what's under the hood, the 7.8 by 7.8 Zino HD features Athlon
processors (AMD Athlon Neo X2 6850e, X2 3250e, 2850e and 2650e), should
run Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux, up to 8GB of RAM, 1TB of storage,
discrete graphics (ATI's Mobility Radeon HD 3200 or the HD4330), a DVD
burner and a 20-inch ST2010 LCD. There's also HDMI, dual eSATA, gigabit
Ethernet and USB galore, just to name a few.
Designed to fit just about anywhere, the sleek new Zino HD is going to
be available in a choice of 7 vibrant colors and 3 unique pattern
options. In the UK prices start from pound sterling299 (some $500 at
today's rate).
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