Saturday, 27 February 2010

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Smartphone Leaks BlackBerry Striker Images Out, Specs & Release Date Yet Unconfirmed

If the BlackBerry Pearl lineup has been lacking media attention as of
late because RIM has been more interested in their QWERTY mobiles,
apparently the Canadian manufacturer has been working behind the scenes
and plan to revive it with the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100.
Internally codenamed BlackBerry Striker, the new handset brings some
BlackBerry Bold 9700 styling, loses the QWERTY keyboard in favor of a
tweaked SureType keyboard (although it looks just like the 8100) and
adds a new optical joystick to the whole deal.
Although not yet confirmed, our good friends from Crackberry have got
their hands on some leaked pictures on what's expected to be the new
BlackBerry Pearl 9100. Details are scarce as of now, but from what it
looks like the 3G enabled Striker is also going to feature a camera
(rumors have it it's a 3.2 megapixel) with LED flash — common
things these days in a BlackBerry.
RIM hasn't commented anything regarding the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100,
but we have a feeling the handset is going to be released sometime soon,
maybe just in time for the holidays.

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