Saturday, 27 February 2010

BlackBerry eBay App Now Available eBay BlackBerry App: Supports PayPal - Search, Track & Buy Items Directly from Your BB

A few days ago we gave you a heads up that a new eBay Deals App for the
iPhone and iPod Touch had now become available and now we have this
official eBay BlackBerry App that s been co-developed by eBay and RIM
and which allows you to search, track and buy items directly via your
BlackBerry handset.
Obviously, in allowing you to place bids and purchase items directly
from your BlackBerry device it goes without saying that the eBay
BlackBerry App fully supports PayPal payments and, helpfully, the eBay
BlackBerry App, as well as allowing you to track items, will also act to
notify your directly should your bids either win or loose and, on top of
that, it ll also allow you to utilise your BlackBerry s calendar to
schedule reminders concerning auctions (ensuring that you don t forget
about that potential killer deal you ve spotted).
Of course, whilst this official eBay/RIM eBay BlackBerry App will be
warmly welcomed by the BB fraternity there are those that, having
previously paid out a somewhat steep $10 for a similar (but by no means
as comprehensive) BB eBay App – namely Bonfire Media's Pocket
Auctions for eBay – who will doubtless be uttering a few
expletives under their breath right now, and understandably so, as this
official eBay BlackBerry App is, yes, free.
The official eBay BlackBerry App is available via App World as of now
but appears limited, as at the time of writing certainly, to users based
in the US and Canada.

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