Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bing Offers Cashback Deals Every Day Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine Saves You Money on a Ton of Products

In case you missed out on Black Friday then there s always Cyber Monday
to take advantage of. If that s not enough then maybe you should
consider looking for some of your favorite products with Bing instead of
Google.I am not saying that you have to drop Google in favor of
Microsoft s Bing but you might consider doing your online buying with
the hel
p of Bing in the following days. You will not be sorry as Bing is
currently offering a ton of deals on products from various well known
brands. And you ll certainly enjoy the savings especially with the
current state of the economy.
Why is Microsoft doing it? Well the company wants to establish itself as
a major player in the search business. With Google grabbing a huge share
of worldwide search that task is not that easy to achieve. So using such
incentives seems like the smart thing to do as people will definitely
want to save as much money as they can with each online purchase.
So what does one have to do to take advantage of the cashback offers?
First of all you should be using Bing instead of Google to search for
products. Then you can search for cashback deals and you will be
prompted with results that display the cashback savings you receive off
the store price and your bottomline price for any given product.
Once you decide on various products (gadgets included of course) you can
start buying them immediately. The first time you use Bing cashback you
will be prompted to open a free cashback account and that s how
Microsoft will keep track of the products you buy and the cashback you
re owed. The cashback can be requested after 60 days from your purchase
as long as you have at least $5 in your account. The current offer is
available every day through December 2 but after that you ll end up
paying the full price for the same products.
Naturally, if you don t like Bing you can always return to Google Search
after you have done your quick shopping.

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