Thursday, 28 January 2010

Verizon Wireless Announced Prepaid Mobile Data Plans Verizon Wireless USB760 Modem to be Available from November 16

Don t blame us for all the Verizon-related news today. It s not our
fault that Verizon decided to officially launch the HTC Droid Eris, the
LG Chocolate Touch or the BlackBerry Curve 8530 on the same day.
Furthermore the carrier decided to also announce prepaid mobile data
plans for its customers.
The new prepaid data plans have been conceived for those customers that
aren t really excited about signing a new contract for mobile wireless
data. The new plans are designed for the occasional users that will
rarely require the presence of a broadband USB modem in their lives.
As you can expect, Verizon also has a new USB dongle ready to handle
that mobile broadband connectivity for you. Starting with November 16
you will be able to pick up the USB760 modem in Verizon Wireless and
Best Buy stores, a device that you ll definitely need for browsing the
Internets on a prepaid basis. The modem is equipped with a
high-performance internal antenna, removable memory of up to 8GB and
support for most Windows versions, Mac and Linux OS.
There are three versions of prepaid data plans available and depending
on your actual needs you can access Verizon s 3G network using a daily,
weekly or monthly prepaid plan. In case you want mobile Internet for a
day, you ll get the dongle for $15 which includes a 75MB allowance. If a
day is not enough then you can ask for the weekly prepaid plan which
costs $30 and limits your traffic at 250MB per week. The monthly plan is
of course more expensive. For $50 you ll be served with a 500MB monthly
allowance which frankly is not good enough, is it? But then again you re
looking for prepaid choices so that s about as good as it gets at this
point, at least from Verizon Wireless.
How do these new prepaid data plans sound to you? Will you get one or
would you rather hunt for free Wi-Fi hotspots instead?
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