Friday, 29 January 2010

Ora Watch Tells Time With Tape Concept Watch Measures Time Passing, Literally…Sort of

Its been a whilst since we brought you a particularly interesting wrist
watch here on TFTS " mainly due to the fact that that nothing s
especially caught our eye " but then watches quite as distinctive and,
dare we say it, playful as this concept watch by designer Alexandros
Stasinopoulos, known merely as the Ora, don t tend to come along all
that often.
Serving to tell the time with measuring tapes " or, at least, tapes
resembling a measuring tapes " Alexandros Stasinopoulos Ora watch
utilises three separate interwoven tapes to indicate the hour, minute
and day thus allowing you to truly measure time which, reassuringly, or
not, will never quite marry up with the numbers I see when measuring up
my own expanding waistline " if only there were that many hours in a day.
Billed by the designer as being a study in the field of �haute
horlogeri , the chance of the Ora ย making it as a commercial product is
remote (nay, none existent) but, aside from the sheer bulk of the thing
(a result of the mechanisms needed to drive the tapes independently) its
hard not to admire the ingenuity of it all (not that we d wear it).
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