Sunday, 31 January 2010

O2 to Accept iPhone Unlocking O2 Officially Confirm iPhone Unlocking Accepted on Expired Contracts as O2 iPhone Exclusivity in the UK Ceases

We reported back in October that O2 were reportedly considering allowing
O2 iPhone users to unlock their iPhones once their contracts had expired
" thus allowing them to seek contracts with other network providers
using their iPhones " and we can now confirm that O2 have officially
announced that they are indeed to allow iPhone unlocking once a user s
contract is up.
Quoted in the UK s The Times newspaper, Matthew Key, Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, Telefรณnica Europe, was asked Is there any truth in
the rumour that after Orange and Vodafone are able to sell the iPhone
you will not allow people to unlock their iPhone, even if they are out
of their contract period?
Matthew Key s reply is telling. There is absolutely no truth in that
rumour. Once the iPhone becomes available on other UK networks, we will
allow O2 customers to unlock their iPhones, although of course they will
still need to honour any outstanding contract period they have. At the
end of their contract period, they are entirely free to move to another
operator – though naturally we hope they won t want to!
So there you have it, its official. O2 will allow you to unlock your
iPhone once you ve run the course of your O2 contract once other network
providers are also offering the iPhone in the UK (so from this week, it
would therefore appear) so you will, at that juncture, be free to seek
alternative plans with other network providers with your trusty iPhone
in tow should you wish.
Bravo O2. It s always nice to see common sense prevail.
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