Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Motorola Droid Available for Pre-order Starting Today Best Buy to Sell the Droid for $199.99 with Automatic Mail-in Rebate

Did you wake up today only to see more news about the Droid? I know I
did and although we did cover it pretty extensively already we have more
hot stuff for you. So let s recap what we did tell you! We showed you
the official press release, pictures and prices, we told you when the
phone is coming and we revealed the latest rumors regarding the Droid.
We even brought you the story about how the whole Droid thing started.
What else can happen today? Well folks, we have more good news! Best Buy
Mobile has decided to start offering the Motorola Droid today. That
means you can pre-order your handset today and get it next week with
everyone else. Should you pre-order right now? Yes, you probably should!
Not only will you make sure that a Droid unit is waiting for you, but
you will also avoid the hassles of mail-in rebates.
The Droid is definitely a hot device and it will sell like hot cakes as
soon as it s going to be available. So why bother with lines and risk
not to get the phone on November 6 when you can pre-order it from your
own home? Best Buy will gladly wave that mail-in rebate for you and you
won t have to actually mail-in anything to get the discount. The rebate
is applied instantly so you will only have to pay $199.99 for the
Motorola Droid with a 2-year contract.
Here s what Best Buy Mobile President, Mr. Shawn Score had to say about
the Droid:
We re excited to feature this new device for our consumers, as it
represents the latest and greatest in mobile technology. Bringing the
DROID to Best Buy Mobile expands our already unmatched assortment of
smartphones allowing customers to compare high-end devices like the
iPhone 3GS, HTC Hero and DROID all under one roof. The fact that
customers can purchase the phone first at Best Buy through the pre-sell
is an added bonus.
So folks, did you pre-order your Motorola Droid already? Do you feel
more secure all of a sudden knowing that the hottest Android phone in
town is coming your way in about a week?
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