Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dell Mini 3iX Android Phone Spotted in Brazil Android-powered Mini 3iX Ready for US 3G Bands

Last month we caught wind that Dell's smartphone, the new Mini 3i is all
geared up to launch to the US market in the next few months. Although
not much have changed until today, today we got our eyes on a functional
Dell Mini 3iX that has been spotted in Brazil. Apparently the device
supports Wi-Fi and 3G UMTS/HSDPA on 850MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz bands,
which leads us thinking that the Android-powered handset is getting
closer and closer to a release for US customers.
If originally the Mini 3i has been designed for the Chinese market, Dell
was expected to increase quality build and swap the 3mp camera with a
5mp variant, before anyone in the US gets their hands on it. But looking
at this Dell Mini 3iX, other than the redesigned chassis, which by the
way is similar to thestock Android configuration we've seen lately,
there's the same photo shooter.
The Dell Mini 3iXot is not yet official for the Brazilian market, so
don't get your hopes too high!
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