Saturday, 30 January 2010

BMW Lovos Concept Runs on Solar Power Solar electric BMW Lovos by Designer Anne Forschner

Anne Forschner, a 24 year designer who has recently graduated from the
Pforzheim University in Germany, is trying to prove her talent by taking
the auto industry by a storm with a solar electric BMW concept. Dubbed
BMW Lovos — which stands for Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity,
although the vehicle looks like an aggressive porcupine, we're still
being attracted by its futuristic design and its uncommon shapes.
Meant to reduce material use to a minimum possible level, the concept
stands as a symbol of the conscious self-restraint as Anne envisioned it.
The body of the Lovos is made from 260 identical interchangeable
particles that resemble with fish scales, which move to either act as
individual airbrakes (plane inspired, not a bad idea) or to make the car
as aerodynamically as possible.
On top of that the scales are fitted with photovoltaic solar cells that
are supposed to grab sunlight and transform it into energy to power the
car's wheels.
Kudos to Anna for such an amazing concept — which we'd love to
take for a spin if real, but we're afraid this solar electric BMW Lovos
will never see the sun shining.
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