Friday, 29 January 2010

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Confirmed by Sprint Too BlackBerry Curve 2 to Arrive Soon; Pricing Not Known Yet

We told you just earlier how Verizon Wireless has officially confirmed
the BlackBerry Curve 8530 aka the BlackBerry Curve 2 for a November 20
launch. According to previous leaked information we already knew that
the Curve 2 was en route to Verizon Wireless by the end of the year so
it was basically just a matter of time until Big Red announced its arrival.
But if you d fancy a Curve 2 without having to sign a new deal with
Verizon we now have an alternative for you. Sprint has also hurried to
confirm the device. While there are no arrival dates specified yet and
we have no official prices, Sprint has neatly rolled out a webpage
showing the purple version of the phone with Sprint s logo on top. If
you want to know more details about Sprint s BlackBerry 9530 you can
always sign up on the page to find out more. Chances are the Sprint
wants to have the phone ready on or around November 20 in order to
properly compete against its CDMA archenemy, Verizon Wireless.
The fact that Sprint will also launch the Curve 2 doesn t surprise us at
all. We ve seen this before this summer when both carriers launched the
BlackBerry Tour. In the end it doesn t really matter who is launching a
smartphone as long as the customers know exactly what to expect from
their favorite carrier. In this case I am sure that loyal Sprint
customers will not jump over to Verizon just because their Curve 2 comes
a day, a week or a month earlier than Sprint s Curve 2 version.
Both carriers will offer the same features and it s probably safe to say
that Sprint s price will match Verizon s current offer. So it seems that
the best voice and data plans will win when it comes to signing a new
customer that happens not to be already bound to Sprint or Verizon. What
do you say folks? What carrier will chose to buy the Curve 2 from? Or
are you too busy with the Droid for the moment to think about anything else?
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