Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Apple to Offer iTunes TV Subscription for $30 per month? Apple Rumored to Launch New Service Next Year; iTunes TV Not to be Tied to Apple Equipment

It probably sounds only logical for Apple to try to pursue TV dreams.
The Cupertino-based company is reportedly working on a solution that
would help them deliver TV content to you via iTunes for a monthly
subscription. The rumored service should be unveiled officially next
year as iTunes TV and it s supposed to cost $30 per month.
What do you think? Are you ready to pay $30 per month to watch TV via
iTunes? That s not the first time Apple is toying with TV ideas. But now
the company is not going to launch a new Apple TV version, an experiment
that didn t work out that good for Apple. Instead TV content will be
available through iTunes which is already a very stable and popular
The only thing that Apple has to do now is convince TV networks and TV
operators to let them enter the TV game. That s actually a crucial
objective for Apple if it really wants to cash in monthly on our
TV-related needs. And let s not forget that there are various other
players that can offer TV content: Netflix, Amazon, YouTube or Hulu are
each toying with the idea. Some are more successful than others at
streaming TV shows and making an honest buck from it while some are
still at the beginning.
An advantage for Apple could be the Apple brand itself. Apple is major
player in the entertainment business. It has lots of iPods, lots of
music and videos, lots of apps, proper hardware like the iPhone and the
Macs and reliable software like iTunes. These should work in Apple s
favor when negotiating with various networks as they show Apple s
achievements in very different fields. Which could mean that the iTunes
TV idea will also be transformed into an important success.
Don t get me wrong, this future iTunes TV will not work only on Apple
hardware as iTunes can be used with various gadgets and on various
platforms. Users will not have to actually buy a new device to access
iTunes TV. They will need a dependable Internet connection and they will
have to agree to that monthly fee for iTunes TV in order to watch all
the shows they want.
So far Apple is refusing to comment but we might expect more details
about iTunes TV early next year. If it sounds like this new product will
be related to the tablet, well, that s just a coincidence. Sure the
tablet will be able to access iTunes TV but iTunes TV will not be
launched just for the tablet.
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