Saturday, 30 January 2010

Apple Broadway Store to Open Doors on November 14 Upper West Side Apple Store Becomes Official

In case you re living in New York you must have certainly spotted the
latest Apple Store. Located at the intersection of Broadway and 67th,
the newest Apple Store has been under construction for a while now but
we do have an official launch date for you.
November 14, 10:00 AM sharp is when the store will open its doors for
you. The date is officially displayed on Apple s website so in less than
10 days you ll be able to see what s behind that red curtain that covers
the store. This is the fourth Apple Store to be opened in New York City
but Apple is already making a ton of cash with its other three stores in
Manhattan. The Fifth Avenue Store is probably one of the most popular
Apple Stores ever. It s currently the most profitable per square foot
Apple Store and it s estimated to bring in more than $350 million in
annual sales. Will the new Apple Store become as popular soon?
What s particularly interesting about the new store is its architecture.
Placed on the NW corner at the intersection of Broadway and 67th the
store has a unique shape due to the intersection itself. Leaving the odd
shape aside, the city required Apple to keep at least half of the
original exterior wall. That s why the store will apparently combine
brick and glass walls in a very daring design. The store has a curved
glass roof which covers the rear three-quarters of the store. The glass
storefront is supposed to be 54 feet tall, 75 feet wide and 30 feet
deep. Once inside the store you ll discover three levels, two of them
being actually underground which is not something Apple hasn t done before.
The Upper West Side store cost $37.9 million to build but it certainly
impresses the eye and we don t even have the official pictures yet.
Apple will probably turn it into yet another profitable store and we ll
be back once official pictures of the store become available. What do
you say, are you going to check out the latest Apple Store soon?
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