Friday, 6 November 2009

Flip Style Skype Phone Speaker Mouse 3-in-1 VoiP Optical Mouse with LCD Display

We ve seen a fair few VoiP capable mice here on TFTS and, in all
honesty, we remain wholly unconvinced that its anything that would ever
appeal to our particular sensibilities (call us traditionalists, but
mice are mice, phones are phones) but if space is limited and you don t
mind chatting away to your one eyed desk rodent and you re looking to
address these issues with a budget device this particular mouse " known
as the 3-in-1 USB Optical Mouse + Hi-Fi Speaker + Flip-open Skype Phone
– may well be for you.
Yes, as you d probably gathered from the wholly uninventive tell it
like it is title this is indeed a Deal Extreme product so you can rest
assured concerning a number of things " one of them being that it ll be
as cheap as chips and we ll leave it there.

The mouse itself is of the optical variety though its interesting (and,
we suspect, quite telling) that there s no mention concerning the DPI
tracking resolution on offer here " so if you re looking for a
precision pointing device you ll need to bear that in mind. It does,
however, have a scroll wheel " which is nice " as well as 1.5 meters
of cabling and, yes, it comes complete with an internally mounted 1.3
LCD display allowing you to see some kind of info (no idea what exactly)
when you flip open the device to use it as a VoiP handset.

Interestingly, or not, the mouse, thanks to coming with an internal
speaker, is also billed as serving as a mini speaker but, again, you d
need to convince us that listening to your tunes via a mouse is such a
good idea as we suspect (we could be wrong) that audio quality is hardly
on par with standard speaker systems.

The Deal Extremeย (breathe in) 3-in-1 USB Optical Mouse + Hi-Fi Speaker
+ Flip-open Skype Phone (and .breathe out) will set you back a mere $19
with the usual heavy discounts being offered on bulk purchases.

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