Friday, 6 November 2009

Dell Announces Moblin Mini 10v Netbook Inspiron Mini 10v Runs Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition, Available Tomorrow

Straight from the halls of this year's IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in
San Francisco, Dell have just announced an interesting upgrade for their
Inspiron Mini 10v. Already available with either Windows XP or Linux as
an operating system, starting tomorrow the new Dell Moblin Mini 10v
netbook will be available with a custom version of Ubuntu Linux
developed by Canonical — a pre-release dubbed Ubuntu Moblin Remix
Developer Edition.

Although not meant for the general public, the new Moblin version of the
Mini 10v should appeal to developers and early adopters. For those who
don't know, Moblin is an open source project developed by Intel and
hosted by the Linux Foundation, who aims to come up with a Linux-based
platform meant specifically for mobile devices.

It's a fact that people won't give their Microsoft Windows functionality
and navigation for a new system that has just been announced, but we
can't expect Moblin to gain market share when it comes to those great
minds looking to further improve it. Speaking of witch, if you're among
those who'd like to get their playful fingers on it, you should know
that starting tomorrow the Moblin Mini 10v will be available for
purchase from No price leak yet.

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