Saturday, 3 October 2009

Samsung Omnia Pro B7330 Announced Runs Windows Mobile 6.5, Better Screen, Camera and Battery Than the B7320

After getting excited that Samsung's B7320 has made its way to the
market, once again the company has managed to impress with the slightly
better variant, the Samsung Omnia Pro B7330 — which has just been

We're not sure if it's a new QWERTY smartphone or if the name is
different because it's going to be confirmed for other regions, what we
know is that the new Omnia Pro B7330 knows how to make the geek blush.

The Omnia Pro B7330 comes with a 2.63-inch display, boasts a 3.2
Megapixel camera and a 1500mAh battery-all slightly bettering what the
B7320 comes with. Another refreshing thing is that the mobile will run
the Windows Mobile 6.5 edition (unlike the BL7320 which runs Windows
Mobile 6.1), hence why it's being seen as a powerful contender in the
QWERTY smartphone market.

Sleek, powerful and with a BlackBerry-esque design that gets the eye,
the Omnia B7330 should be available from mid-October so better hold your
horses until there's something official to fall for.

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