Saturday, 3 October 2009

Samsung 480Hz HDTV Prototype Arriving in September Uses the Black/Dark Frame Insertion Principle

Samsung intends to reveal a prototype of the 400/480 Hz HDTV at the IFA
2009 consumer electronics fair in Berlin which will be held next month.
The display will better Samsung's existing 200/240 Hz B8000 LED TVs (LCD
TV with LED backlight) and their specs. Obviously that means that the
higher the refresh rate, lesser blurriness on what gets output.

More to it, Samsung is going to pack the new HDTV with advanced
interpolation methods (which are regular for high-end models) that will
also contribute to getting crystal clear images.

The new Samsung 480Hz HDTV (or Samsung 400Hz in Europe) prototype will
use Black/Dark Frame Insertion which succeeds in creating an extremely
brief dark flash between the original picture frames that helps in
resetting the human eye. Called the BFI/DFI method, it uses the
principle that the human eye does not forget light instantly and that
will help improve the perception of response time on an LCD-TV.

Definitely something your eyes will enjoy, but we can't help wonder if
such a high end HDTV will only be intended to the mega rich or not …

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