Saturday, 3 October 2009

iLuv Micro USB and Dual USB Car Chargers iLuv iAD115 and iLuv iAD119 Charge Your Gadgets While Driving

Some of us (including me) forget to charge our gadgets at home, but
sometimes we only realize it when sitting behind the wheel and the iPod
suddenly stops working because there's no more battery juice to power it
up. Of course, the alternative is to buy yourself a handy car charger,
but our advice, don't buy just any device. A great new addition would be
the recently announced iLuv Micro USB (below) and Dual USB (above) car
First option is the iLuv iAD115 Micro USB car charger which not only is
super tiny making for a sleek addition to your car's gadgets, it also
fits into the cigarette lighter spot. The iAD155 features a blue power
LED, has a DC 12-24V input and a DC 5V, 500mA output. Available next
month, the iLuv iAD115 Micro will cost you $14.99.

On the other hand, if both your digital camera and the iPhone requirer
more electricity to function, you should go for the iLuv iAD119 Dual USB
Car Adapter — as it charges two gadgets at a time. There's the
same blue power LED, a replaceable fuse and a rotating head, all
accounting for $19.99.

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