Sunday, 13 September 2009

Waze iPhone GPS App Gives Real-time Traffic Information Completely Free Crowd-sourced Traffic Navigation iPhone App

If you thought the CoPilot Live Sat Nav iPhone App was one of the
coolest things to put on your iPhone for navigation tips, check out
Waze, a completely free iPhone GPS application that promises peer-based
traffic information and road-condition updates. Yes you've read it
right, the Waze iPhone GPS app uses GPS tracking and cell-tower
triangulation to collect data from its network of users — which is
why crowd-sourcing is so amazing, in order to offer you real-time
traffic conditions.

Waze also allows users to submit traffic reports (including photos of
traffic hotspots), speed trap reports, accident reports, parking
availability in order to alert others. More to it, the iPhone app also
boasts Twitter integration so that you tweet your current traffic
situation (not that you wouldn't be able to do so by using other
applications, but still fun).

By that time you're probably saying that it's good to be true. Well it's
not. There's a catch! The reason why the Waze iPhone GPS App is free,
yet so amazing, is that it's using government street-map templates and
some sort of complex algorithms instead of licensed mapping data.

We love it so far and would take it for a spin (literally) but we're
afraid that since it's just been launched it will take some time until
the users populate it with data. Still a great tool that does amazing
stuff for … free!

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