Saturday, 19 September 2009

TrickleStar TrickleSaver PC Reduce the Stand-By Energy Consumption of Your Computer Peripherals

Even when you're not using your electronics devices they are consuming
power because most devices don't really turn off . Electronics are
known for going into stand-by or sleep mode when not in use and this can
waste hundreds of dollars a year in electricity without you even knowing
it. TrickleStar, manufacturers of energy-saving devices, have just the
thing to help you save money and do good by Mother Earth at the same

The TrickleStar PC TrickleSaver, part of a much broader TrickleSaver
line of products, is designed to reduce the standby energy consumed by
the peripheral equipment that is connected to your PC. You simply
connect the TrickleSaver PC to your computer via a standard USB
connector and then connect your peripheral device to the plug at the
other end.

The TrickleSaver detects the power status of your machine automatically.
When your computer is powered on the product will switch on all of your
peripheral devices. On the flip side, when you've wrapped up work and
you power down your PC, the TrickleSaver will switch off all of your
other devices like printers, cell phone chargers, and speakers. It's
easy to install and provides a simple way to reduce wasteful standby
energy consumption. You can connect it directly to your extraneous
equipment or to a standard electrical powerstrip allowing you to control
multiple devices at the same time.

Key Features

Built-in relay for switching off devices that consume standby current
Rear mounting holes for wall, under desk mounting
Product Warranty

The product is supplied with a 1-year product warranty against
defective manufacturing and components
You can get more information on the TrickleSaver PC and the entire line
of TrickleSaver products at It retails for $24.95.

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