Monday, 14 September 2009

Samsung ST500 and ST550 Dual LCD Digital Cameras Front-Facing LCD, 12.2-Megapixel, 4.6x Optical Zoom, 720p HD video

It's not often that a new feature on a digital camera impresses me. For
the most part, they are all the same. So they get smaller, the LCD
screens get bigger (although with most of them taking up the entire back
of the camera, they can only get as big as the camera, right?) and the
resolutions get higher. Who cares. Besides, what do most people need
with a 12MP camera anyway? Are there a lot of people making posters out
of their digital images? My bet is that most people don't take the
pictures off of their computers once they take them. Anyway, the latest
cameras from Samsung, the ST500 and ST550 actually have a truly unique
feature, a front-facing LCD screen. So why? Read on.

Samsung's latest digital cameras, the ST500 and ST550, have just shown
up for sale at Amazon UK. Both cameras sport dual LCD displays and
12.2-megapixel sensors, 4.6x optical zooms and 720p HD video recording
modes. So the neat thing is that they each have one large touchscreen
display on the rear and a smaller secondary 1.5-inch LCD panel next to
the lens on the front. I suppose it can be used to line yourself up in
the image when you're taking the ever-popular extended arm shots. It
also displays the camera status which I am not all too sure is
completely necessary.

What makes the two cameras different is the size of their rear LCD
screen. The ST500 has a 3-inch touchscreen and the ST550 has a larger
3.5-inch touchscreen. Both have image stabilization and haptic feedback,
and support Samsung's Tap and Take system, which was first teased
earlier this month.

As for pricing, the Samsung ST500 is listed for 249GBP ($411) on Amazon
UK and available in black with red, silver or blue highlights. The
Samsung ST550 lists for 299GBP ($493) in purple, gold or orange varieties.

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