Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Samsung Honey Bubble Mobile Phone Samsung SPH-W8700 with 3G Connectivity, 2MP Camera, Integrated DMB Digital TV Tuner

The Korean market is not known for great phones, but the few low-cost
mobiles that get launched are marketed with a pretty decent set of
features. And the same goes for the latest Samsung Honey Bubble that
have just been announced. Codenamed Samsung SPH-W8700, it's another one
of those decent Korea-specific mobiles that unexpectedly supports 3G
connectivity despite not featuring Wi-Fi.

Other than 3G, Samsung Honey Bubble manages to impress with its 2MP
panoramic camera that has video recording capabilities and potential
video calling as well. More to it, there is an integrated DMB Digital TV
tuner — just to match the other mobiles available in Korea these
days. With Bluetooth, an MP3 player, a Subway Map, M-Commerce, GPS,
Dictionary and an SOS Siren Alarm are some of the features. Definitely a
great option for the Korean buyers looking for a new phone.

There's no official word regarding availability and price, but our take
is that the new Samsung Honey Bubble shouldn't cost too much when released.

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