Monday, 14 September 2009

Myvu Debuts Crystal EV Personal Media Viewer at InMotion Entertainment Airport Stores 64-in Equivalent Screen Size, Full VGA Resolution, iPhone Certification

Being able to watch movies on your iPod or other multi-function device
is a cool feature. No one will argue that. The main problem is, of
course, the tiny screens. Who wants to sit through a two-hour feature
film staring at a 2.5-in screen? The thought alone is enough to give you
a migraine and astigmatism. So what if you could fool your brain into
thinking that you were watching a full 64-in widescreen while connected
to your iPhone? Not a bad deal, right? That's what the folks at Myvu are
hoping you will think, too, as they have recently announced the release
of their latest personal media viewer the Crystal EV.

The Crystal EV, which is really just a pimped-out pair of video
sunglasses, makes its debut at InMotion Entertainment airport stores
nationwide this month. The Crystal EV represents a significant upgrade
to the world's best selling personal media viewer (PMV), the original
Myvu Crystal. Sporting Myvu's SolidOptix technology, the Crystal EV has
a 64-in equivalent screen size, a 30% increase over the original
Crystal. As the only video eyewear company to achieve Apple iPhone
Certification and Nokia Forum status, Myvu continues to set the standard
for video eyewear with industry-leading design, mobility and the
introduction of new groundbreaking functionality for gaming, mobile TV
and Web surfing.

The Myvu Crystal EV is definitely a must-have gadget for those that
spend long hours on plane rides or just want to shut out the outside
world for a few hours. There is no word yet on how much they will cost,
but since its older brother, the original Myvu Crystal retails for about
$300 it's safe to say that the new Myvi Crystal EV will cost more than that.

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