Sunday, 13 September 2009

Logitech Launches Rechargeable Speaker S315i and Portable Speaker S125i Full-Day Charge Life, Ultra-Thin 2-in Speaker, Boom-Box Style Basic Dock

Oh yeah, you read it right. We have yet another iPod speaker dock to
share with you. No, strike that. We have two iPod speaker docks. Now
doesn't that just make it that much more exciting? Didn't think so.
Anyway, on with the show. Logitech has announced today that they are
releasing two new iPod speaker systems, the Rechargeable Speaker S315i
and the baby boom-box looking Portable Speaker S125i.

Logitech is known for their great products and they have released
several iPod docks in the past that look and sound great. Their latest
set of products should prove to be no different. The Logitech
Rechargeable Speaker S315i was developed with portable users in mind. It
is not only a rechargeable speaker system that will give you an entire
day's music on a single charge, but it also (like just about every other
iPod speaker system) will charge your iPod/iPhone when it's in the dock.
How innovative.

Logitech also goes on to extol the virtues of their speakers by stating
that they …The Rechargeable Speaker S315i uses custom, full-range
drivers to accurately reproduce the highs and lows of your favorite
songs. It's a speaker system it should sound good. Table stakes
Logitech, table stakes. The thing does look good, though, and at only
2-in thick it shouldn't intrude that much on your desktop. I don't
really look at this as anything special.

The little brother to the S315i is the S125i Portable Speaker. There
isn't really to much to say about this one. It looks like a little
boom-box and it doesn't have very many bells and whistles. Logitech are
marketing this one at the first-time iPod users . The Portable Speaker
S125i should be easy to transport at only one pound, and you can run it
off of AC power or batteries. Oh yeah, it comes with a bass boost
button. I am not a fan of this feature, either. Why don't they just
optimize the bass to begin with? Most people I know turn on a bass boost
feature and never turn it off.
The Rechargeable Speaker S315i and Portable Speaker S125i are both
available for pre-sale at for $129.99 and $69.99
respectively. No word on the website on when they are expected to ship.

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