Friday, 11 September 2009

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Replaces the Not-So-Old G5 Five Side Buttons, Dual Mode Hyper-Fast Scroll, 5700dpi

>From the looks of the Logitech gaming mouse portfolio, you would think that they really don't know what it is that they are looking for. The developed one of the earliest-known gaming mice, the Logitech G5, famous for its flexible weight tuning system, and the upgraded G9 that sports even more thumb buttons than the G5. Well, it looks like they decided to take another look at the original G5 design to see how they could improve on it yet again. The result, the new Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse.

This latest USB laser gaming mouse sports several significant upgrades
over both the G5 and G9. While the G500 is largely the same
ergonomically as the G5, the G500 has been outfitted with a broader
thumb rest, five side buttons (up from two on the G5), a dual-mode
hyper-fast scroll wheel, and an even more robust on-the-fly adjustable
DPI system (up to 5,700 dpi, in increments of 100 dpi).

Maximum acceleration is also increased to 30G from the G5's 20G. The
weight tuning has returned and now includes 27 grams of extra weight to
mix and match for personalized control. I think this is because we all
know how much the weight of your mouse has to do with your video gaming
performance. The G500 also sports ten programmable buttons for easily
accessible macros at your fingertips. The Logitech G500 gaming mouse is
expected to hit store shelves later this month with an MSRP of $70.

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