Monday, 21 September 2009

Lantian Industrial Aquarium Mouse Add a Touch of Cousteau to Your Pointer

Wishing there was some way to combine your love of advanced optical
technology-based pointing devices with your love of undersea life? I
know I am and thanks to the innovators at Lantian Industrial, we can.
The Aquarium Mouse by Lantian Industrial is basically your
run-of-the-mill 3-button mouse sporting optical technology. That is,
until you take a closer look.

Upon further inspection, you'll clearly see that this is no ordinary
mouse. Locked inside its own digital aquatic playground is a lone,
plastic fish floating around in a sea of clear blue liquid (we can only
hope that it's water). For some reason, I think it's more sad than
fascinating. Maybe it's the brilliant aquamarine color of the water or
maybe it's the fact that the fish seems to be floating upside-down in
the images. Either way, I'm not sure where the appeal happens to be. On
the other hand, if you really want a low-maintenance pet that requires
almost no upkeep, this just might be the one for you.
PS/2 3-Button Optical Scroll Fish Aquarium Mouse

General Features:
Transparent tri-tone profile (Blue/White/Aquarium)
Aquarium with one (1) artificial fish
Precise optical technology
PS/2 interface (up to 4.5 foot cord length,approximate)
800 dpi
Scroll wheel (acts as third button)
Precision, style and comfort in your hand
>From the looks of things, the Aquarium Mouse seems to be stocked with your list of standard features. The clear standout is the one (1) artificial fish. I am just happy that they have decided to call out the fact that it's artificial. I can't imagine what the nuts at PETA would have to say about someone shoving a real fish into a piece of computer equipment. Head over to where you can get your hands on your very own for $5.99.

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