Friday, 11 September 2009

iPod DJ Mixer from Urban Outfitters Combine Music From 2 iPods, Spin Function, Digital Effects

We all know that there's just something cool about a DJ and his set of
twin turntables. Pumping away thundering beats at the club and twisting
the familiar into something new is a form of art all its own. Now you
can enjoy the same level of cool, albeit on a much smaller and more
portable scale with the iPod DJ system from Urban Outfitters.

The iPod DJ lets you connect two iPods (or other MP3 players of your
choice) and get to spinning your digital tunes in no time. You can now
play DJ at home with the integrated mixer that lets you combine music
from 2 iPods or mp3 players, or one of each. The unit is powered by an
AC adapter and it even charges your devices as you play. The controls
resemble the touch wheels of your favorite portable music player and
should prove easy to manage.

So what exactly can one do with a miniature turntable for your iPod?
Well, there's a spin option, two effects programs with reverb, flange
and filter and a cross-fade slider so you can seamlessly transition from
one song to the next with no break in the musical madness. The iPod DJ
also has a recording option and speaker system connection with a stereo
audio cable with in-line jack.

The iPod DJ is compatible with a microphone and a set of folding
headphones is included. You can get your own iPod DJ for $120 at

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