Wednesday, 16 September 2009

iLuv Debuts iAD116 and iAD117 Portable USB Adapters One- and Two-Port Adapters, Charge At 100 to 240V at 50 or 60Hz

With just about all of your typical electronics gear sporting a USB
connection, it's no surprise that the world of USB adapters is expanding
at an alarming rate. The ability to get your devices charged up on the
go is critical and the last thing you want to do is carry around large
charging adapters. The innovative folks at iLuv have come up with a
solution in their two new portable USB adapters, the iAD116 and iAD117.
They're small and they're functional, just about all one could ask for
in a USB adapter.

The new iLuv Portable USB Adapters, the iAD116 and iAD117, both sport
the same folding main pins, which makes them very travel friendly. The
main difference between the two units is the number of USB slots
available. The iAD116 appears to target someone who only has one
electronic device that needs recharging while the iAD117 comes with
three USB ports. Both adapters are able to accept voltages from 100 to
240V at 50 or 60Hz, making them a great addition to the dossier of any
road warrior.

The iLuv Portable USB adapters are definitely worth the mention.
Although, I'm not really sure why you would opt for the iAD116 when the
iAD117 is nearly the same size and comes with two more ports. Especially
given the relatively small price difference between them. Oh well, to
each their own I say. Both devices come in under the $20 price point
which makes them budget friendly and since they're able to crank out 5V
at 500mAh, you shouldn't run into any problems with just about all of
your standard USB-powered toys. The iLuv iAD116 and iAD117 will retail
for $14.99 and $19.99, respectively.

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