Wednesday, 16 September 2009

iConvert Video Converter Convert VHS, TV to Digital Video, Built-In SD Card Reader, Windows ME, XP and Vista Compatible

You know who you are. You've got piles of old Battlestar Galactica VHS
tapes lying around the house. You celebrate your entire collection of
That's Incredible shows on Betamax. If only there were some way to
convert all of those memories into a more current (albeit still sad)
digital version. Well, hold on to your parachute pants. The iConvert
Video converter is just the gadget for you. Now you can take all of
those old tapes and transfer them to your computer to be digitally
savored for generations to come.

With the iConvert Video Converter, it's easy to turn your old VHS tapes,
DVDs and TV shows into digital video - no computer needed. iConvert
records any kind of video as digital files on its built-in SD memory
card drive. Simply connect iConvert to your VCR, camcorder or DVD player
and insert a standard SD or SDHC memory card. Then press PLAY. The
iConvert records your movies as you watch. When finished recording,
remove memory card and transfer digital videos to your computer or other
digital device.

This nifty little device lets you digitally record your favorite TV
shows, too. iConvert Video captures and records analog videos that
degrade over time, preserving them as digital files. This is great for
your old VHS tapes, but also works with standard PAL and NTSC TV
systems. The iConvert includes cables, AC adapter and viewing and
editing software and is Windows ME, XP and Vista compatible. You can
order your own iConvert at for $99.95.

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