Friday, 11 September 2009

CoPilot Live Sat Nav iPhone App Available for a One Time Only Fee Turn Your iPhone Into a GPS Navigation Device

The good folks over at ALK Technologies have just unveiled their CoPilot
Live satellite navigation application for the iPhone that will sell
within the App Store. The new CoPilot Live sat nav system comes with
full-spoken turn by turn navigation, detailed street maps for UK
Ireland (including detailed UK street maps and post codes), automatic
route calculation, 3D and 3D driving views and the most appealing
feature — a one time only purchasing fee, instead of the monthly
fees we've been used with.

But the specs list is not over. The CoPilot Live Sat Nav iPhone app
offers lane assistance, speed limit alerts to make sure you don't get a
ticket, realistic signpost displays and CoPilot's ClearTurn feature for
a more realistic display of junctions.

Available on iTunes for an one-off 25.99 GBP price if you want the UK
Ireland maps or 59.99 GBP for European maps, CoPilot Live will also
offer 5-day weather forecast and a location-sharing feature that allows
you to check the location of your friends on-screen or online.

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