Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Casio Announces New Privia PX330 Digital Piano 88-Note Scaled Hammer Action Keys, 128-Note Polyphony, 250-Sounds

Digital music has come a long way since the early days of the Moog
mono-synth. With technology streamlined to more portable dimensions and
music sampling an artform of its own, it would challenge even the most
ardent musician to be able to tell the difference between a
digitally-sampled musical instrument and the real thing. The latest
digital piano offering from Casio, the Previa PX-330, continues to
impress with its high-end sound and low-end price tag.

The new grand piano sound introduced in the PX-330 is comprised of four
dynamic layers of stereo piano samples. When integrated with Casio's
Linear Morphing System, the PX-330 delivers a more realistic sound with
seamless transitions and a superior dynamic range. The PX-330 also
features a new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard
providing users with the weight, feel and resistance of a grand piano,
without sacrificing the PX-330's portability.

Equipped with 128-note polyphony, the PX-330 has the ability to handle
the most demanding musical passages, to layer sounds and use the damper
pedal without worry about dropping notes. In addition, an acoustic
Resonance Effect simulates the sound of the dampers released off the
strings by the sustain pedal, taking realism to a new level. .

The Casio Previa PX-330 is also armed with 250 instrument sounds and a
16-track recorder, which enables musicians to produce recordings of up
to 16 separate instruments. A graphic LCD display allows users to view
the names of all sounds, songs, rhythms, while also assisting in editing
and recording functions. Utilizing SD memory, users can easily load and
save their songs and transfer them to a computer. A built-in USB MIDI
interface allows users to easily use the PX-330 with computer
applications. Additional, the PX-330 is equipped with 0.25-in outputs
for connectivity to mixers and PA systems and a built-in registration
memory, the PX-330 instantly recalls splits, layers and sound
combinations, making it a perfect instrument to take to a live gig.

Weighing in at a mere 26 pounds, the PX-330's power and portability
makes it perfect for the professional musician who travels to
performances. The PX-330 will be available this September with an MSRP
of $899.99. For more information, visit

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